Friday, May 22, 2015

Killer New Shoes...

So I love running and therefore I love running shoes! My old trail shoes were starting to lack on the support side of things and were giving me a pain at the inside of my foot arch where my arch meets my heel. So new trail shoes were a must.
Next on the list were new road shoes. My current and beloved Saucony Verratas are getting worn after a lot of miles of Iron Man training. I don't 100% need them now, but seeming the Verratas have been discontinued I figured it would be best to find a new shoe to ease into while the Verratas still have some life rather than just get a new shoe and go for it without any transition period.
Off to the Running Company Unley store to see what they had on offer. A quick gait analysis showed me my first video recording ever of my foot strike. I was really happy other than a bit of foot crossover which caused an injury a few years ago, it was looking good.
I tried on a lot of shoes. First the trail shoes. I tried the Saucony trail shoe, Salamon SLab, Nike and I think that's it. The Nike felt horrible, like the was a big cylindrical air bag running down the centre of my foot. The Saucony felt good, but I think the reason I liked it was because they felt very similar to my Verratas. The S Labs felt great. After jumping between shoes a few times I chose the SLabs because they just felt more stable than the Sauconys. The Sauconys just felt a bit high and floppy. Potential ankle rolling material so I decided against them.
Now the road shoes. I have been running recently in a 3mm heel to toe drop trail shoe (Inov8 Trail Roc something) and the 0mm hel to toe Verrata. So I specifically wanted something in this ball park. The Slab met these requirements for the trail shoe, but funnily enough it was hard to get a road shoe in this realm that wasn't a racing flat. I specifically wanted a marathon shoe and wasn't super enthusiastic about running a marathon./..or training for a marathon, in racing flats.
Bring on the Hoka One One. TBC....

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