Thursday, May 28, 2015

Injury strikes again.

I knew that things were going too well. I got through Iron Man training injury free, and have been pushing it a fair bit since. Not to mention a year straight of training before Iron Man almost injury free and not really giving the time to rest my body properly

My training of recent has been ramping up distance wise with about 50kms of running a week. Throughout this training  over the past few weeks some groin area tightness was building up. I ignored this as it felt no more than fatigue and the kind of muscle fatigue you would expect from a lot of running.

This is where I broke a key rule. Listen to your body. On Saturday I did 22kms through Belair on trails, and then although the muscle pulled up fairly sore I went for a 60km bike ride on Sunday. Damage done! Now I'm looking at weeks of rest and no riding for 6 weeks.

When will I learn!

Since writing the first few paragraphs of this post, I have been back to the physio to discover that it is not an adductor strain, but tendonosis of the adductor origin tendon. Not good as it is a very difficult place to treat and to minimise use, as you use it a bit every time you walk.

I can however continue swimming, so the next few weeks of recovery is going to mix swimming and some vital core and functional strength work. Hopefully with being smart I can still get back on track for the Yurebilla trail 56km, but unfortunately Adelaide Marathon will be off again :-(

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