Saturday, August 9, 2014

Murray Man Half Iron Man

Days after signing up for Iron Man Melbourne, my lovely wife, Kate, tells me that she is also going to do Iron Man. Yeah right. She hates swimming and hasn't tried to swim laps for a long time.
Anyways, a few days later she is still going on about it and has decided that she's going to do Murray Man. I say OK, but you gotta get in the pool first. We head down after work one day and I take her through a drills session at Immanuel College. She smashes out a good hour session.
We hit another swimming session and a few bike rides and she's killing it. Anyways, a week later I'm convinced that she is pretty keen, but expect a bit more training before making a decision. So, I fall asleep one night, totally pooched from training, and wake up to an email that she has signed up for Murray Man after I fell asleep.
So I have now signed up too, and we've been doing some training together, and it is just so awesome to train with my wife. I spend so much time doing sport that it is just amazing to be able to share this passion together. I can't wait for the race in November. It was amazing finishing Victoria, BC, Marathon together; I can't imagine how good it is going to be finishing a half iron man, and potentially a full Iron Man. :-)
Murray Man

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