Saturday, August 9, 2014

Building My Own Tri Bike

I recently bought a used a Lance Armstrong Team Discovery Channel Trek Road bike frame at a super cheap price. At the time that I purchased this frame, I thought it was going to become my training bike with a cheap build kit. However about a month later I signed up for Iron Man Melbourne, and decided that I needed a time trial bike, so this frame now became the basis to my TT bike.
A whole lot of research ensued ionto how to build a TT bike and what is required. I have now ordered a full Ultegra groupset with TT shifters and brakes. Next I need to buy some aero bars, stem, carbon seat post and good saddle, then the most expensive part being new wheels. This is going to be a bit costly, but such a great fun project.
Hopefully the groupset is in next weekend, so I'll be hitting the roads on my TT rig in no time. WIP pictures to come.

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