Sunday, August 17, 2014

I can't believe.....

....that I have ended up in the same place again a year down the track! One year ago give or take I recovered from achilles tendonitis. Since then I managed another marathon and have been very smart about not pushing running too fast and easing into higher training loads. 

Anyways, now, literally a week after signing up for IronMan and forking out a good part of 1k for that race entry, my achilles flared up. Now I forsee a good few months of recovery and easing back into running. So lame and disappointing given all the hard work put into preparing myself to be in a good position to start Iron Man training. Oh well. Shit happens and now it'll be a challenge to try and get back on board for Murray man in November and Iron Man in March. :-(

It's funny how shit just flips upside down!

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