Friday, July 5, 2013

Running Training

So I am finally back onto running training. I have been ramping up for two weeks now, steadily increasing pace and length of sessions. So far so good with the achilles. I am stoked to say the least, but still being ultra cautious. The timing has fallen just perfectly for me to sign up for the Vancouver International Triathlon, which is on Sunday the 14th. I wont be pushing it too hard as it will be an experience just racing a triathlon for the first time, but it will be good to see how the Achilles handles the training leading up to the race as well as the race itself.
I have been doing a mix of long runs, and intervals to build up pace. But generally it is just fun being out running again. The swimming has made a huge difference to my heart rate which is nice as I feel the time off running hasn't affected my pace. I had my last physio appointment and have the all clear from him to only see him again if I feel I need to. So fingers crossed the recovery continues in a positive way.

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