Saturday, October 31, 2015

Camping finally

I just realised I am writing these recent events all out of order! Oh well-deal with it!

A few weekends ago we finally got camping. We purchased some new camping gear, and invested in a tent that had enough room under the front canopy to fit Clooney.

We headed to Kaitoke which is just north of Upper Hutt, about a 40 min drive from home. We figured a short trip first time around for Clooney would be the best.

It was a beautiful camp site! We got a beautiful location right on a river with a view over to dense rainforest.

The afternoon comprised of a beautiful 2 hour walk with Clooney around the river and through the amazing rainforest! Funnily enough we also heard past Rivendell from Lord of the Rings.

It was fun camping again and cooking up dinner! You always end up making compromises and cutting corners blue to lack of utensils and ingredients-but it always tastes amazing! We cooked up a classic we do of Asian I letter with white rice, soy sauce and some steamed green veg! Almost like a donburi bowl. Always delicious. 

That evening Clooney was such a good boy! He curled up on his pillow and just went to sleep. The only time he stirred was first thing the next morning when he heard ducks at about 5:30! He was off like a rocket :-)

That  morning I hit a great little trail run. One of e steepest trails I have ever run! I think I ran for 50 mins- of which 30 was climbing. I think the run was prob only 5kms! The view from the top was amazing though-well worth the pain.

All in all it was a great camping trip. We realised that it is going to be really easy to camp with Clooney, the weather was amazing and it was just a nice little relaxing day away, while still being close to home and easy to fit in while being super busy at work!

Can't wait to get back there again :-)

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