Sunday, November 1, 2015

Catching up on lost time

I'm flying from Auckland to Wellington. As you may have read in a previous post, we just had a great weekend in Auckland. I started writing some posts in the airport, and then figured that I have a hour of flying to catch up on missed blogging over the last three months.

So we've moved to Wellington a few months ago and then all of a sudden the posting stopped - mostly haha. We just got super busy. Moving countries is time consuming. Starting a new job is also time consuming. Finally after having been here for three and a half months we are starting to have enjoyable weekends where our spare time is not full of chores!

Ok! This move is the best thing we have ever done, after moving to Canada. Wellington is such a beautiful city to live in. The views are always inspiring, the suburbs interesting. It feels like we are always in the great outdoors.

Career wise we both made amazing moves! Kate is loving her work. She is learning a boatload and is so inspired and driven to learn and excell! It is great to see her so inspired! I don't think I've seen her this determined at her career before! It's exciting!

For me, woah! It couldn't be better. What an amazing career opportunity. I didn't realise how much I missed being in an amazing team working on high end film work! I feel driven to push myself so hard. Work days fly by before I know it, I'm trying to ingest so much information as quickly as I can. I'm getting to work on such amazing content. I have to pinch myself and continue commenting to Kate that I just can't believe that I have got to this point of my career! I'm utterly stoked and inspired to make the most amazing content I can and to contribute to my new team as best I can.

Ok, career stuff down! Now the next most important thing in our lives - our dog! It has been so great having our dog here with us! Clooney has really become a beautiful loved part of our family! The move here has really helped us bond with him and Kate and I are totally smitten now :-) social outings, holidays sporting events are all pending compatibility with Clooney :-) thankfully everyone seems to love him so he gets along well in most places!

We also have some good friends from Weta that live nearby, and they too have a dog, but not a really secure yard. This has led to Clooney having a play mate on work days. Flinn comes and visits most days and the two hang out all day long keeping one another entertained! It has been really nice having friends nearby with a dog! We take turns minding dogs if we go out at night, go for walks together and have beers in the garden so the dogs can have a play date!

Our neighbour wants to use our run down chicken coop for chickens! Hell yeah, we' down if we get some eggs! I've always wanted chickens but never really been ready to commit to the time needed to care for them! Now I get to feed and enjoy the calm nature of chickens, as well as reap the benefits of the eggs, without having to really care for them :-) definitely win win!

Trail running! As I have mentioned there are amazing trails near our house! Really amazi trails. A few weeks ago we found Otari Wilton Bush! An amazing botanic garden and national park with the most amazing natural bush that is full of amazing trails. There are three loops, red, yellow, blue. If I loop all 3 it gives me about 1hr 20mins of running on amazing trails. 

From here I can jump onto the skyline trail and run back to mt Kakauh making probably a good -15-20kms. Or I can just run to Mt Kakauh from home and the hit the skyline trail to Karori and back making about 24kms. Best of all is I can run from home with Clooney and make half of our morning run on trails. It is so good running with Clooney! He is getting fitter, we can now hit about 30mins with almost no stops-other then the odd turd and whiz! But what a great way to start the day or end a long work day by going for a run with my dog!

Bike riding! From our place we can jam across the top of the ridge to Karori, and then descend to Makarua Beach, then jet across the back of the mountain range to Jhonstonvill and home the back way making a nice 40 km ride full of kick ass descents, solid hill climbs and amazing views!

We went to the  world of wearable art in Wellington! What an amazing show. It was a fashion parade with a twist. As I like design I love cool fashion design, but I don't dig catwalk shows. This show mixed fashion with drama and amazing stage sets and lighting! Kate and I were both really impressed and had a great night out!

There have been other little catch ups with friends. But I'm pretty pooched and can't think of anything else to write right now. We've settled in and are loving our new pad and the surrounding location.

Pics to come once I get off the plane and have Internet access :-)

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