Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Road Bike Racing

So I finally got my ass into gear and joined Cycling Australia and Norwood Cycling Club so I could start racing. My first race happened to coincide with the first round of the Norwood Cycling Club winter road race series. Being my first race I was placed in D grade. This was great as I had no idea how my skills related to everyone else, and it would give me a chance to get used to pack riding.
The race was a 14.7 km loop out at Mt Pleasant. The scenery was beautiful, and the course was great with some good cruisy flat sections, a few descents and a few little climbs. A light head wind kept us working on the opening straight.
I felt great the whole race, spending a bit of time leading, and a lot of time in the pack, trying to not do too much work to keep fresh. Then unfortunately, on the last lap I pulled a bad move and ended up in the lead after the first main corner, this left me leading for probably the last 10km, with no one wanting to take the reins. I paced it out and felt pretty good, then on the last two climbs, about 500 m left, I was taken on the first climb. I jumped out of the saddle and managed to hang on to the new leader, but then he smashed me on the descent into the last climb, my legs were toasted by then and a few other riders took me on the last climb.
Non the less, I ended up finishing my first race in 5th, which is a paid placing so I was pretty stoked. I learnt a lot about racing and can not wait for my next race. My parents had also come out to view, and it was really nice to have them there, a bit like the old downhill days - just a bit less bogan :-)
Mt Pleasant Road Race
Mt Pleasant Road Race

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