Sunday, April 20, 2014


The inlaws just returned from an epic 3 week cruise around Asia. Kate and I headed to the airport to pick them up. It was a surreal experience, as for the past many years, every trip to the Adelaide airport for us has been when we're about to venture overseas for a long time. I guess now we were returning the favour of being the taxi service :-)
The Adelaide airport has undergone some amazing developments lately, and this photo shows some of the great architectural detail that has been incorporated into the space. It is quite a nice airy airport and is a great welcome to Adelaide!
Picking Kates parents up from the airport after their huge Asian cruise. Exciting stories to hear and figured I'd snap some cool shots of the new Adelaide airport while we were there. This was as we were leaving the airport, after rushing madly to get down there thinking we'd be running late. In the end we pretty much arrived as they were disembarking the plane :-) Times to perfection!

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