Thursday, February 13, 2014


Yes, today it rained in Adelaide. Not just a bit of rain, but freaking heavy tropical downpour kinda rain! We headed downtown to pick up a camera, and being a tad frugal we parked in free two hour parking, a good 10min walk from where we needed to be. Of course it started raining heavier for the walk in, and of course we didn't bring an umbrella...cos who needs an umbrella in Adelaide right?
Anyways, everything went well with the camera and other misc downtown duties, and then as we started walking back to the car, the rain stepped up a notch. Anyways, this led to me being so drenched that I had to strip off my soaking shirt and ring it out before getting in the car.
The rain continued all afternoon, filling the parents rain water tanks and giving Adelaide a thorough soaking, including flooding out the Garden of Unearthly Delights for tomorrows fringe opening, and apparently it's just going to keep raining tomorrow. We'll see.

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