Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Our first day back in Adelaide. My mind is still spinning from trying to organise everything that we need to get done, but that aside, it was such an enjoyable day. The whole family was at the airport waiting, the customs guard was super nice and we had no issues with baggage or massive line ups.
I am so stoked for travel to be over and done with for the time being.
The day was spent unpacking and catching up with family. It will be good when we finally find our own place so we can fully unpack, but for the moment it is so nice being back at home. The power was out at Kates parents from a massive wind storm the night before, and hence everything in the fridge needed eating. The last time we were in this back yard was for our wedding, so it was really nice to have dinner out on the patio.
The hills hoist is a classic Australian icon, and with the beautiful dappled pattern of the afternoon sun shining through the leaves, I felt it was a photo that very well summed up the essence of the evening.

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