Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Today we ventured out into the Outer Territories. I wanted to head to Tai Po as the town sounded really interesting and the markets sounded like they would be fun to wander around. It was nice to be the only westerners around, this town did not feel anywhere near as touristy as downtown. The people were really nice and we received a few smiles our way.
The most memorable part of the day was visiting Man mo Yee Tai temple. The temples are busy places over the Lunar New Year with lots of worshipers making offerings to their gods. Kate and I just sat in the temple for a while, taking in the serene environment. It was so relaxing and peaceful, a great place to relax and reflect.
After Kate and I had been sitting for a while, the other worshipers in the temple realised we were not just there to snap a few photos and leave, so when we went to walk out, one very nice lady came up to me and in broken English, told me I should hit this big drum 3 times for good luck. The drum reverberated throughout the whole temple. It was a very wholesome moment and one of my favourite of the whole trip.

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