Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Silver Sands Multisport Festival

Last weekend was the Aldinga, Silver Sands Multi Sport Festival. It is a very cool weekend. The Saturday consists of a 10km run in the morning, and then a 2km swim in the afternoon.

This is then followed on Sunday with an Olympic distance triathlon. This all makes for a very fun weekend.

I was pretty happy in the end, running a 42 min 10.5km on Saturday, and then swimming a 35min 2km in the afternoon. I think the swim is a PB, and the run was great for me at the moment seeming that I am not doing much speed work and am only just starting to ramp up the speed.

This very successful Saturday, however, led to being fatigues as all hell on the Sunday and really feeling it during the swim, ride and run.

The swim was decent for me (25mins) but was painful, the ride was amazing and felt ok, but the run was one of the most painful runs I'v ever done, and I felt it in my quads like I never have before.

Anyway I crossed the line in 2:19, which is pretty decent for me.

Overall it was an amazing weekend. The Saturday run course was absolutely stunning, and the swim was the most beautiful swim I've ever done! The bike course followed the esplanade along the side of the ocean and some beautiful sand dune scrub making it one of the best triathlon bike legs that I ahve ever ridden as well.

Kate smashed the run and swim on Saturday, but passed on Sundays activities due to a few lingering Iron Man niggles. Instead she decided to look after our pain in the ass dog for a half day. Never doing that again :-)

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