Monday, April 20, 2015

6 degrees and still swimming

I woke up this morning, with the goal to go swimming. Once I get the idea in my head, I'm pretty stubborn and find it hard to bail on my plans, so although the weather channel said it was 9 degrees outside, I dragged my ass out of bed, made a coffee and rode to Unley Pool, yes it's outdoors.

Once I arrive at the pool, the air temp is reading 6 degrees. Why am I out of bed? Now would be a good point to bail, but I don't and in the end have an amazing strength session in the pool. Due to the low air temp, the pool feels beautiful and I end up having a very productive session.

As there was no wind, and the sun was out, getting out of the pool wasn't too bad either. These are the sessions that lead to progress, the ones that you find hard to commit to, but once you finish, you feel so much better. It's this feeling at the end of a hard session that always convinces me to knuckle down and start a session that I don't want to do! I think it's this that keeps the training cycle going.

The sense of satisfaction for a hard session is always much greater than for a session that you were stoked to start!

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