Saturday, January 10, 2015

Iron Man Training WIP

WOW! 3 weeks into Iron Man training and we have hit all of our sessions. It is going to be a hard 12 weeks with the saturday ride and the Wednesday run proving to be the really tough ones. So yesterday our ride was 5 hours - I did 140km - which was a bit off pace as it was raining and windy as all hell! While out on this training ride I was thinking that is the definition of dedication to the end goal. Up at 4am, riding in the wind, rain and cold because I want to do as best as I can at Iron Man.
At the time the session was miserable, but I kept telling myself a few little things to get through it and to help me mentally deal with the tough session. 1) Sessions like this are the ones that matter. You learn way more and push yourself physically and mentally way more when the conditions are tough. Everyone loves training on a balmy blue sky day with no wind, but what happens on race day when it is blowing a gale and wet as shit? 2) That I am very fortunate to be living in a country where I am free and able to get up on Saturday and choose wether I want to, or don't want to go out and trail for an amazing event that I am about to partake in, so although the conditions may not be desirable, it still sure as hell beats not having the choice or opportunity to do such things. 3) Don't be a whinging pussy and just smash it out!
That little rant aside, training is going amazingly well for both me and Kate and we are lucky enough to be getting a few sessions in per week together which is making it really enjoyable. This journey to the end goal of Iron Man will be a huge accomplishment, but to do it with my wife as well, and to share all the hard weeks of training, the massive food bills, lack of sleep and crazy fatigue will just make it so much more special and it will be something that we hold onto together forever.
Get out there and get stoked. Happy training!.

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