Saturday, December 27, 2014

Walpole giant tingle tree run

What an amazing morning this trail run was. We spent the night in a great caravan park in Walpole. Walpole is known for a giant tree known as the tingle tree. From our campground there was a trail out to a grove of these trees, about 15km return.

The trail was amazing. Nice and wide, not too many tripping hazards and a little bit soft, making for a really nice fast run and I was able to look around at the amazing trees. This run was so inspiring. Running amongst these huge ancient trees was humbling. I really felt honoured to be able to immerse myself in that forest amongst these trees that just gave off an amazing aura of wisdom and history! It really put it into perspective that we are merely dots on this planet and there are presences out there that are so much more powerful than us. Running this trail really made time dissappear as I cruised along admiring these giants.

This run really reminded me of why I run. All of these amazing views I was experiencine would have gone unseen had I not run as it just takes too long to walk there. I was also running at about 5:30 in the morning so the air was nice and crisp and there was not another soul around. Once deep in the forest I really felt like the only person on the planet.

It was such an amazing and inspiring run, and to think it was only a small 10km section of what is a 1500km long trail network. It would be amazing to get out there and explore more of these trails with some good mates!

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