Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Iron Man

I finally manned up and signed up for Iron Man. After talking about it for a long time, I committed to Melbourne Iron Man, March 22nd, 2015. I originally wanted to do Lake Taupo or Brussleton, but the logistics of actually getting to these events, and the cost involved made them much less appealing than Melbourne. Maybe for my next Iron Man ;-)
Anyways, training as Marathon training as per usual at the moment, bar a few little niggling injuries, but with my main focus being staying in good health to start Iron Man Training on Sept 22nd, for 6 months of "Game On!" before race day. It's going to be hard, but I am super excite about the challenge.
I am also stoked as I have now got the opportunity to build a time trial bike :-) Kate will be stoked with the prospect of a 3rd bike in the house :-)

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