Saturday, June 21, 2014


As the hammy is feeling a bit shit house, my long endurance Saturday morning session became a swim :-( Unfortunately as I was really hoping to hit my 27km trail run today..oh well. Anyways, I dashed down to Immanuel College this morning for a swim. Even though it is only 25m, the pool is really nice and I thoroughly enjoy swimming there. I was feeling really good in the water this morning and ended swimming 4kms, and finished feeling great and putting some of my hardest effort into the last km.
Todays session was one of those great sessions where you clear your mind and manage to just ponder on problems and issues while you are swimming. You kind of get in a rhythm and forget that you are doing that repetitive motion and entertain yourself with problem solving and different trains of thought. When you get in the zone like that it makes endurance sport thoroughly enjoyable.
To top the session off, I happened to bump into a bloke out front of the pool afterwards ho asked me if it was busy and what the pool was like. He was visiting Adelaide and said it was his first time to the pool, but it had been recommended to him. It sounded like he previously came from Adelaide from the way he spoke, but he now lives in Panama and has headed up a running group there which sounded super interesting, and funnily enough this worldwide running crew is home to the founders of Iron Man ;-)
I believe this group is an Aussie started running group called the Hash House Harriers. Check it out.
All up a beautiful morning!

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