Thursday, June 12, 2014

24 km training run

So, this is my first ever iPhone blog post! How exciting! Anyways, last sunday i hit an amazing 24 km marathon training run. As we were headed to Gepps Cross market that morning, i got kate to pick me up en route so i could run 24 km point to point and not have to double back to home and run the same path in reverse! This makes it so much more fun! So my run took me from plympton, down the tram tracks to glenelg, out towards brighton and then i pulled a u-turn and headed to Henley Beach. This run was amazing. At least 12 km of running along the ocean as the sun rose. So beautiful. I saw some dolphins and finished my run at the end of Henley Beach jetty. This was then topped off with a coffee at Cibo when kate arrived to pick me up. This was followed by fresh fruit from the market for brekky! What a wholesome way to start the day!

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