Monday, March 31, 2014

The Running Company

Upon returning to Adelaide, one of the first things I tried to track down was a good store for buying running shoes and apparel. Pretty much what I found was very disappointing, except for one store, which I found late in my searching, at which point I was starting to feel bummed out that there was no where to go for actual running enthusiasts.
The company I found is called the Running Company, they are in Unley and are rad. Chris runs the joint and is so freaking passionate about running, sharing his enthusiasm and getting you in a pair of shoes that you want. He ordered in some specific sizes for me without asking for payment - unlike every other store in Adelaide. He's got treadmills in store for gait analysis as well as a good lane way to take the shoes for a test run!
The Running Company supports local charities and backs local clubs and running groups. The product they stock is also stock that they believe in! They know their gear really well. Anyways, I have a pair of trail shoes now by innov8 - a company I probably wouldn't have tried, but the feel like they were made for my feet! I also got another pair of Verratas by Saucony, my fav 0mm drop road shoe, and once again, Saucony was a brand I could barely find anywhere else - I guess they are not fashionable or something like that - but they make damn good shoes!
Anyways - check them out: The Running Company

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