Saturday, June 18, 2016

A year on

We are now a year down the track from deciding to move to NZ to pursue careers and a more fulfilling place to live. We couldn't be happier with the move.

We do keep ourselves, hence the lack of posts, but i figured it would be time to catch up on some stuff.

I have been in "training" for my first ultra marathon. As to be expected my legs don't really like the 5hr run training days, but that is probably also due to my lack of stretching and somewhat irregular training schedule. Pretty much not enough running+minimal stretching=long ass recovery times from long runs. But main thing is the running is enjoyable and not a chore. So this takes place early in july! 4 training weeks left!

Kate has been crazy busy studying for exams which are almost done. It is going to be great to have that behind us.

Work has been busy and fun. Finally I have a few films that are hitting the screens soon. The BFG and Independence Day Resurgence. Go see them-they were both super fun to work on!

We are finally building a good group of friends here. It always takes some time when you are older, but we now find ourselves with social activities every weekend which is rad! Some of which have involved home brewing!

My daily bike ride to work has started to fade off! It just got to be too much after a long day to battle a mad headwind home. I know it's a cop out, but if you stop enjoying it, whats the point! I'm now getting back into some good weekend rides, finding it is a good replacement for a run when my legs are shot.

Although we have been so busy with work, we have managed some adventure with a South Island Road trip, North Island up to Rotorua road trip, Adelaide for xmas and Auckland for a long weekend. We have also snuck in a weekend yoga retreat.

Coming up is our biggest challeng yet. The arrival of our first kid. Prep for this is keeping us super busy! It's crazy to think of, but we are really excited.

I also just noticed one thing I didn't mention yet, is in Dec last year I bought myself a fun car. A 1986 Mitsubishi Mirage :-) it is in beautiful condition and is a joy to drive :-)

I'm gonna wrap this up and start a new post. This initially got written about two months ago :-/

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