Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Random daily dribble....

So it is WET today. I had to drop Clooney to doggie day care and got so soaked doing so. When I dropped Clooney off there were two beautiful dalmations that he seemed to get along with really well! I hope he has a good day. He must like it cos he just zonks out afterwards.

I was up at 6 today so thought I'd do a bit of a run. It is coming along well. There is still some pain, but there is now pretty much no lingering pain within a few hours of the run. Each session it seems that I'm able to run a bit further. Today I sustained maybe 20mins with a few little walks. So I'm feeling good.

Day 4 at Weta today. Man it's fun working somewhere like Weta. It is just inspiring to work with such a talented team. There is a boat load to learn, I feel a bit like a sponge at the moment, soaking up all this new knowledge. Needless to say my brain is feeling fried each day :-)

The public transport here is pretty good, and as I catch the bus either side of rush hour it's pretty quick.

Other news-we bought a car! It has only done 65000km and looks in freaking schmick condition. It is a Mitsi Colt, 2005. Dual airbags, tiny 1.5lt engine. She runs on the smell of an oily rag, as my dad would say.

And I think the final news i I finally manned up and got my Iron Man tattoo. I'm super stoked with it. It looks exactly like I wanted :-) getting it is a reminder of the amazing time that kate and i had leading up to and doing Melbourne Iron Man and it isnspires me to keep up the exercise :-)

Till next time :-)

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