Friday, October 10, 2014

Roasting Coffee

So there is this cool little mom and pop cafe that a few of us pop by after a nice coast ride. They cook all their own products, and to my joy, they also roast their own coffee beans. However they don't roast their coffee beans in a proper roasting oven, but the male owner will sit outside with a gas stove cooker and a wok and roast the beans that way.
I had a discussion with him and he taught me a lot about roasting coffee, how to tell when the coffee is roasted and we also discussed the obvious inconsistency in product when roasting this way.
So he roasts the beans, which will always turn out differently as air temp varies, sometimes there is a breeze and as he is manually turning the beans some will always get different amounts of more intense heat. Anyways, he roasts in super small batches, and many different varieties, stores them for a few days, tries them and if the roast is good he'll serve it to customers.
This inspired me so I went and bought some green coffee and roasted my own. Bang. It was different, but still nice and it was cool to roast a few different batches and to see how the results varied. Now I just need to find a cheaper bean supplier and I'll save a lot on my coffee addiction.

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