Saturday, February 16, 2013

Marathon Training and the Thrive Diet

So I am ramping up for my second Marathon. I will be participating in the 2013 BMO Marathon and have set some goals to try and hit. I have given myself a few months longer to prep this year so hopefully I will be able to post a significantly faster time than last year. In conjunction with this training, I am also trying out a new nutrition plan, based on Brendan Braziers "Thrive" series of books on plant based sports nutrition. The books are super interesting and are written from the perspective of a professional Iron Man Triathlete and the dietary requirements for high level sports training. A month and a half in and I am seeing significant results in performance and general day to day mood. I finally got some new running kicks. The same ones from last season, ASICS ds trainers. Nice and light weight, feel like they aren't on your foot. They were going super cheap at Running Room, two pairs for $250. New Running Kicks

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