Friday, October 10, 2014

Roasting Coffee

So there is this cool little mom and pop cafe that a few of us pop by after a nice coast ride. They cook all their own products, and to my joy, they also roast their own coffee beans. However they don't roast their coffee beans in a proper roasting oven, but the male owner will sit outside with a gas stove cooker and a wok and roast the beans that way.
I had a discussion with him and he taught me a lot about roasting coffee, how to tell when the coffee is roasted and we also discussed the obvious inconsistency in product when roasting this way.
So he roasts the beans, which will always turn out differently as air temp varies, sometimes there is a breeze and as he is manually turning the beans some will always get different amounts of more intense heat. Anyways, he roasts in super small batches, and many different varieties, stores them for a few days, tries them and if the roast is good he'll serve it to customers.
This inspired me so I went and bought some green coffee and roasted my own. Bang. It was different, but still nice and it was cool to roast a few different batches and to see how the results varied. Now I just need to find a cheaper bean supplier and I'll save a lot on my coffee addiction.

Clipsal 500 TVC - Latest and Greatest from Resin

I was totally honoured to be able to work on this TVC with the crew at Resin! It was a super fun project and we got to do some really cool and creative work, as well as some very nice solutions to dealing with a lot of cool shots.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Recent Photography

Life has been busy, but I did manage a few photographs recently. These are a few pics from the last few weeks.

Learning Houdini

The last few weeks I have started teaching myself Houdini. Some work that was very Houdini centric was required recently at work and I could see the benefits of Houdini over Maya so I started embarking on the long process of learning this amazing bit of software.
It is amazing. So complex and so much to learn, but as I start working through everything and getting the basics down, it all just starts making more sense. I am working through a bunch of online video tutorials and keep applying what I have learnt to work.
I'm pretty stoked with the first rounds of work that I have produced. Check back for more to come as I post some WIP and tutorial shots!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Photos from Adelaide

I got outside last Saturday to enjoy the beautiful sunny spring day. I wandered around the local Plympton area, and also headed down to Henley beach which is only about a 10 min drive from us. It was nice to finally have some inspirational settings to take some photos again.

more here:

Finally...the Dirty Dozen!

The 2014 Adelaide Dirty Dozen was an amazing event! I was looking forward to it for so long, and thankfully Adelaide graced us with beautiful weather for the Sept 6th "social" ride.
The Dirty Dozen has been running for a few years, however this was my first opportunity to take part. In summary the event is a socially organised ride that tackles 13 of Adelaides steepest climbs. This covers about 3km of vert and 115kms of road. Funnily enough I had done next to no hill training for this. Since moving to Plympton I have been doing a lot more long flat riding, so needless to say I was slightly concerned seeming in the past 3 months I think I had a total vert count of maybe the total vert of this one event.
Anyways I'm always down for a challenge so I was at Red Berry Espresso 6:45 am sharp for the rider briefing, and then by 7:30ish we hit it. First up, Mt Osmond. See the full hill list below.
Mt Osmond (Hayward Dve) - 2.3km @ 9.7% Gill Tce - 0.6km @ 14.7% Kensington Rd - 1.3km @ 11.5% Coach Rd - 2.4km @ 9.8% Coach House Dve / Woodlands Way - 2.7km @10.1% Cleland Wildlife Park access road - 1.2km @ 10.6% Whitewood Dve - 1.1km @ 10.3% Heather Rd - 0.6km @ 12.4% Ridge Rd - 1.3km @ 9.5% Morgan Rd - 1km @ 10.4% Pole Rd - 1km @ 9.9% Lynton (Caroline) Bike Path - 0.7km @ 11.1% Sheoak Rd - 5.2km @ 4.7% (incl sections of 0.5km @ 15.2% and 1km @ 8.7%)
Anyways, the day went so well. The organisers were rad and had bananas and drinks at the top of a few of the big climbs which was totally unnecessary, but so appreciated. The total bitch of a climb went to Sheoak Rd, as expected. Final climb and what a son of a bitch. Talk about nail in the coffin. Some people were struggling big time up there!
Obviously I didn't take a map, or even really look at the route before hand and thus was totally relying on other people for directions. This led to me doing an extra hill climb that wasn't on the route and adding probably an extra 10kms. So my dirty dozen was actually 14 hills and ~130kms including ride from home to the event. This didn't bother me too much, however one of the guys that took the wrong turn with me was super unstoked when he realised. I thought he was about to throw the towel in!
This ride took some amazing roads through parts of Adelaide that I am ashamed to say I have never been too before. It was so beautiful and I'll have to get back out there now that I know where all the roads go. There are also some damn steep hills in Adelaide so no excuses to not get those hill muscles going.
Overall it was an amazing day and I'll definitely be hitting it again next year.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The day my 365 project failed.

So I have been working on a 365 photo project this year, until the other day. I failed to take a photograph last Monday. I didn't take my camera to work, rushed home and then went swimming. Upon returning from swimming we made dinner and were totally thrashed. I thought I gotta take a photo of dinner to do my photo for the day. That's where it ended. I ate, showered and zonked out. I didn't even realise that I had forgotten till later the next day. I had been disliking the project for a while as I didn't have the time to focus on it to do it well. Since I have failed and stopped pursuing the project, I have found that I am already taking more interesting photos, and I only take my camera when I want to. It's way more fun. The rules I set myself for the project were cool, if you had a lot of time to work with them. The first part of the series in Vancouver and while I was unemployed in Adelaide are great. They adhere to the rules more or less, but also the rules at this stage of the project gave me ideas to seek out subjects. Once full time work ramped back up and more intense triathlon training, I just ran out of time and motivation. My goal for next year, and maybe the end of this year is going to be switched to making sure I produce one good photo a week. This gives me time to write about it, and choose a rally nice photo. I hope you enjoyed watching, the project that ended at day 235 took me to some cool places and allowed me to take some great photos. Writing this a few weeks later I am really not regretting that I let it skip. I just think I was trying to do too much and my heart wasn't in it. It has been really nice just taking photos when I've wanted to rather than feeling I have to each day. Everythings fun, until you force yourself to do it :-)