Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Wandering around Adelaide looking for photo reference, I scoped this cool facade with a broken window that a tree was pushing through. Reminds me of Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park - "Life always finds a way".


Lunch break sitting in the stairwell. Munching on my salad, I didn't last too long as it was ridiculously cold.


New business cards. Hopefully they bring in the photo work ;-)


Our new planter boxes. Repurposed timber palates to grow our fresh herbs and veggis. This kept Kate and I busy for Sunday afternoon. Wish it had been a bit warmer to enjoy the outside a bit more.


My awesome friends Laura and Tomasso got engaged today! I was there to capture some pics as they fell from the sky into Royal Adelaide Golf Course. Tomasso proposed in the air, and then got down on one knee as soon as they landed. Such a special moment and I was so stoked to be able to capture some nice photos for them.


Embarking on my second 19km training run for the week. I headed up to Unley Pool, then North along West Tce, around the parklands, memorial drive, through North Adelaide, Melbourne St, the Torrens and to work. I think the best 19km I've ever run, and with 11km of Marathon pace in there it felt really good.


Quatchi posing for a portrait. Need I say more.