Sunday, July 6, 2014

24 km training run

Another large sunday training run. 24km from home to brighton then down to semaphore. Beautiful morning for a run, except for the ridiculous downpour about 10 mins into the run that left me soaked to the skin for the rest of the run.

19 kms were ran at marathon pace, 4.22min kms. Still not what i'm after, but ok. 

The rest of the day was awesome with many coffees,  a nice morning at the wayville farmers market with kate.

I then managed a 60 km bike ride on my rad new bike and am now suitably smashed. 

Finally i cooked an amazing fish pie for dinner! Awesome sunday!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Lobethal Run!

So last weekend we went to a mates vineyard in lenswood. It was a rad weekend away! Kate and i camped out in the vineyard, we all cooked up amazing food, and i hit a beautiful morning 20 km run on sunday morning! I headed out along croft road, left onto edwards hill rd, right on fox creek rd to lenswood, left on lobethal rd to lobethal, last left before lobethal out to croft rd, back down fox creek rd then back up the trails to croft rd and back to the vineyard. What an amazing morning! All while this was happening, the sun was rising, the cows and horses were rising. Such a beautiful part of SA. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Adelaide sewer covering, Featherstone Place. Lunchtime walk and phone call with mum for some good old motherly advice! Really, what would we all do without our mums :-)


So I asked Bicycle Express if they could hook me up with a old frame to use as a commuter as I cracked the headtube of my old bike. They come back with this. Trek Discovery Channel Lance Armstrong frame....$50. What? Thinking of building it up as my tri bike maybe. Too good for a commuter.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


What a beautiful day. I started with a 20km run, watching the sun rise over the Adelaide Hills. The sun then came out and gave us a superb day after the crappy week of weather that we have had. The sun shine was nice and warm and it made for some perfect vibrant shots of the vineyard. I enjoyed this view while chilling on an old bamboo "couch", sipping coffee and reading my Zen Buddhism book. A perfect place for reflection and soul searching.


I think this is the coolest "outhouse" I have ever seen. It has so much character, a window with no glass and a door that doesn't close properly. So when you are on the can it's a bit breezy, but kind of relaxing looking out at the environment. We were at our good friends vineyard for the weekend camping. It was so beautiful and quiet up there, albeit cold and wet. However we were super impressed with our cheap camping gear that kept us cold and dry, even though I'm guessing temps would have got to 5ish degrees with the clear evening.