Friday, February 6, 2015

Iron man training continues

After a 32km run on wednesday that left my ankle feeling a bit on the dodgy side, i didn't hopd high hopes for todays brick run! Alas, the 145km ride went perfectly, 4hr30min, and backed that up with a slow run of 9.8km in 48min. This pace felt rad and as though iI could have run forever! Definitely feeling good for Iron Man! Just need to let this ankle rest until next weeks 29km run now! Game on!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Tour Down Under 2015

This year it was great to get out to a few stages of the Tour Down Under. The Willunga Hill finish was one of the best cycling stages I've seen. The atmosphere was great! It is fantastic to see cycling growing so much in Adelaide and to see so many people out supporting this amazing event!

Our Veggie Patch

One of the best things about finally owning our own house is being able to start trying to be self sustainable. I love working in the garden and love growing my own veggies, so number one priority after moving in was a veggie patch. Only a few months in and we're getting loads of fresh produce and the garden is running rampant!

Thursday, January 29, 2015


So stoked to have been involved on this project at Image Engine. It looks amazing!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Iron Man Training Cont...

So we're 4 weeks in, and it's going well. We havent missed a session yet and just smashed out our biggest ride run day so far. 160km and 10km respectively. The session felt great and I was just so pumped afterwards.
Kate is killing it and getting through the sessions no worries at all. It is amazing seeing her progress and how all of the training is unfolding and improving our times and endurance. Nex week is the beginning of a very intense 3 weeks, before a rest week, an intense week and then taper time.
We are very excited to say the least!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hit by a car....

I've been told that if you ride enough you will one day get hit by a car. I guess my time was up. Last weekend on my Saturday morning training ride, I was about 4hrs (135kms) into my 4.5hr ride. It was almost 40 deg C and I was feeling pretty zoned and just keen to get home. I was riding the Seacliff foreshore road and probably doing about 37km/h when a douche bag just decided to turn into a car park without indicating or checking his blind spot. As I was in the aero bars I couldn't brake quick enough and just rode straight into the side of the car, then swerved to try and avoid anymore contact which took me into the curb and over the handlebars. It must have looked like an epic crash ;-)
I was on my feet straight away and quickly assessed the damage. Yep, I felt fine, nothing broken just some good grazes, but no stitches would be required. Sweet. Time to lay into the driver.
In the end the drive was really apologetic - as he should have been - and hung around to make sure I was OK and exchanged numbers with me incase I needed to contact him to make a claim. Another witness also stopped and passed on his number should I require a witness to the incident. The driver did try to pass blame and avoid responsibility, but he knew he was in the wrong and I'm sure was glad that I seemed fine and my bike was still in one piece.
Anyways, having the tenacity that I do, I wasn't going to let a few grazes finish my ride. I smashed out the final 30mins of the ride, clocking up I think 150kms or there abouts, and then I managed the 15min brick run to top the ride off :-) I just kept reminding myself that the Tour de France riders manage to smash out the whole TDF covered in grazes so I needed to toughen up!
Happy Riding!

Laura an Tommasos Wedding

I was lucky enough to photograph my rad friends getting married! It was an amazing day and they both looked smashing. It was such a fun event to photograph with Tommasos family being over from Italy for the occasion.