Thursday, August 28, 2014

Colleen's Masters Swim Club

Loving the swimming at the moment. Masters swim club, 5:30am at Immanuel College. 1.5 hrs and 4.2kms later I'm suitably thrashed to start the day. Lifes too short to not push it as hard as you can!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My trusty BMC

I've put a lot of kms on my trusty companion :-) one of my favourite rides being the triple crown in Vancouver. So stoked I did that ride while I was there! Now she has been relegated toy wet weather training and commuting bike, but I still love her. After all she saves me the most cash and I also probable do the most kms on her too.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I can't believe.....

....that I have ended up in the same place again a year down the track! One year ago give or take I recovered from achilles tendonitis. Since then I managed another marathon and have been very smart about not pushing running too fast and easing into higher training loads. 

Anyways, now, literally a week after signing up for IronMan and forking out a good part of 1k for that race entry, my achilles flared up. Now I forsee a good few months of recovery and easing back into running. So lame and disappointing given all the hard work put into preparing myself to be in a good position to start Iron Man training. Oh well. Shit happens and now it'll be a challenge to try and get back on board for Murray man in November and Iron Man in March. :-(

It's funny how shit just flips upside down!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Colleen's Masters Group

When we first moved to Plympton I was struggling because I was in a routine of swimming at Norwood pool. I stressed out that I wouldn't find another pool to use, and hence my swimming would really drop off. Then I discovered Unley Swimming Centre. The most beautiful 50m pool, outdoors, just nestled into Forestville. Sweet, I hit this up for a few months and it was perfect as it was located right on my way to work.
Then I discovered that it is closed over winter :-( I just assumed that being hot old Adelaide it would be open all year, I mean Kitsilano Pool in Vancouver was colder at 5 in the morning in summer than Adelaide is here in winter...I thought, until this winter when I realised Adelaide is bloody freezing and that I would have absolutely no interest in swimming outdoors.
Anyways, I started moping about once Unley Pool closed as I figured I wouldn't be swimming all winter. Then I found iSwim at Immanuel College. A beautiful indoors 25m lap pool. I initially thought 25m pools were lame, but in winter beggars can't be choosers, and I have realised that you just do your training differently. More drills, more shorter high intensity stuff, and it forces you to learn to tumble turn :-)
Anyways, after swimming here for a while I discovered Colleen's Masters Group. A set training 3 days a week at 5:30, that is super similar to the fastlane sessions that I used to go to in Vancouver. It pushes me a lot and I can see I'm going to improve on my swimming quite significantly by swimming at these sessions. There's nothing like getting 4km in the pool done before work to make you hungry all day thats for sure!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Murray Man Half Iron Man

Days after signing up for Iron Man Melbourne, my lovely wife, Kate, tells me that she is also going to do Iron Man. Yeah right. She hates swimming and hasn't tried to swim laps for a long time.
Anyways, a few days later she is still going on about it and has decided that she's going to do Murray Man. I say OK, but you gotta get in the pool first. We head down after work one day and I take her through a drills session at Immanuel College. She smashes out a good hour session.
We hit another swimming session and a few bike rides and she's killing it. Anyways, a week later I'm convinced that she is pretty keen, but expect a bit more training before making a decision. So, I fall asleep one night, totally pooched from training, and wake up to an email that she has signed up for Murray Man after I fell asleep.
So I have now signed up too, and we've been doing some training together, and it is just so awesome to train with my wife. I spend so much time doing sport that it is just amazing to be able to share this passion together. I can't wait for the race in November. It was amazing finishing Victoria, BC, Marathon together; I can't imagine how good it is going to be finishing a half iron man, and potentially a full Iron Man. :-)
Murray Man

Building My Own Tri Bike

I recently bought a used a Lance Armstrong Team Discovery Channel Trek Road bike frame at a super cheap price. At the time that I purchased this frame, I thought it was going to become my training bike with a cheap build kit. However about a month later I signed up for Iron Man Melbourne, and decided that I needed a time trial bike, so this frame now became the basis to my TT bike.
A whole lot of research ensued ionto how to build a TT bike and what is required. I have now ordered a full Ultegra groupset with TT shifters and brakes. Next I need to buy some aero bars, stem, carbon seat post and good saddle, then the most expensive part being new wheels. This is going to be a bit costly, but such a great fun project.
Hopefully the groupset is in next weekend, so I'll be hitting the roads on my TT rig in no time. WIP pictures to come.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Training and Injuries

I know I post on this quite often. But it is something of interest to me, and very close to heart. Over the last few years, endurance sports have taken their toll on my body, but I have also gained tremendous results from them.
The worst thing about injuries is the mental worry that is left behind. I find myself constantly feeling niggles in my right achilles. Anyways, one good thing about injury is that I have finally started to pay attention to my body and what it is telling me. Don't get me wrong, I could be better, but baby steps right.
Anyways, a few weeks back, 1 week after signing up for Iron Man actually, I had a 18km training run, and at 13 kms I got a good old pain in the right achilles. Stupidly I had been feeling something all run which I ignored, but to be fair, it felt more like a "I'm being paranoid pain", rather than anything serious.
Anyways I flagged running straight away. 1 wk off before testing it out again, then physio and a test run to decide whether to continue with the Marathon or not. The physio came up with some good advice, I followed it, and hit out a training run on Sunday the 2nd Aug. The rule was if the run went well, do the Marathon, if it didn't, don't be dumb, and flag the Marathon. Anyways the run went well, but for once common sense kicked in, and I decided to only run 15kms of the 35kms that I wanted to do, thinking it was silly to run so far after an injury scare.
From this run I pulled up fine, and the leg felt fine all run, but I realised that I like running so much, and Iron Man is so important to me that cancelling the Marathon was the smart thing to do.
Nonetheless, I got a solid 8 weeks of training in for the marathon in which I gained some great fitness which will put me in a great place for starting Iron Man training in September.
Now a few weeks on, I am running and loving it. Sometimes it pays to listen to the body ;-)